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Forney is an servile Obeyer sent to protect and patrol the path from pentil to Whatchill from the rogue artilas and thahds of Crag Valley.

Forney is equipped with a sword, and javelins like all serviles but has also a beautifull shirt of ringmail armour.

If you have enough leadership, Forney can be coerced into giving to the player the ringmail.

Forney is also accompagned by another taciturn Servile, Dern.


Forney gives you the quest to destroy the spawner in the shaping hall ruins north of their encampment.

Trivia - Spoilers Below-

Dern doesn't speak much and tells you to go to Forney, his fellow Obeyer.

With the hills of jars being trapped by turrets and mines, and Spiral borrows infested with rogues, Forney and Dern are presumabley the remnant of the Obeyer patrols which guarded Servile merchant convoys. These caravans of serviles used to exchange goods from all over the island.

Before the bridges became trapped, serviles used to go from Vakkiri to Kazg, and vice versa, Pentil being one of the destinations along the way.

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