Fire Creations are a class of shaped creatures. These creations deal significant damage both at range and in melee combat.

List of Fire Creations

The Fire Creation group has a very high amount of variation in terms of the types of attacks they deal. Fyoras, Charged Fyoras, Drayks, Drakons, and Ur-Drakons deal Fire damage. Cryoas, Icebreath Roamers, and Cryodrayks deal Ice damage. The rest have unique types of attacks.


Fire Creations, especially the Fyora, were among the first to be created in the history of the Shaper arts. Fyoras, Roamers, and Kyshakks are commonly used as guards and warriors alike. Kyshakks, with their unique attack ability, can sit atop a mountain pass and pummel any travelers going uphill.

Fire creations are notably notorious for being intelligent troublemakers, as the Drayk class and Drakon class are barred by shapers. While both are intelligent enough to provide Shaper wisdom, both cannot be trusted to live alongside the shapers. Among the rebels, on the other hand, they are praised and hired as guards.

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