"It would be easier if my best knife hasn't been stolen. It was true steel, hardened by magic, a true Shaper artifact. I would pay well to have it back. But, oh well. A brigand probably took it." - Inerney

"Find Stolen Knife" is a mission in Geneforge.

In-game description

Someone took a knife form Inerney, a chef in Vakkiri. It's a trivial crime, but, if you should stumble upon the knife, she would like it back.


This mission is given by Inerney in Vakkiri. She wants her knife back, but doesn't know where it could be.

However, the knife hasn't gone far at all. The thief is Lietz, who is in the meeting spot just south of Inerney.

She must be convinced that you think the knife wasn't stolen, only lost, and that you are looking for it. She will then give up the knife.

Then, you may return the knife to Inerney


It's possible to just keep the knife as a weapon and not give it back, but this means that you won't get the reward.



Cheaper food sold by Inerney (Prices go from expensive to extremely cheap, so from 2 gold/food item to 1 gold/food item)

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