"You enter the Keep of Ellhrah. This is yet another Shaper ruin, undoubtedly a massive barracks. However, the serviles here have done a good job of restoring it." - In-game description

Ellhrah's Keep is a location in Geneforge. It is a partially restored Shaper barracks under control of the Awakened. The player is prohibited from entering the back area, and if caught twice without persuading the guard to let you stay, the base will turn hostile.


Watchhill - North


===Friendly===  Ellhrah - Leader of the Awakened sect

Swan - Heavily armed commander of the Awakened warriors

Ting - Quiet, shy cook and a Taker spy

Merchants (3) - First and third merchants sell weapons and armor, while the second sells meat and fruit.

Unnamed servile guards

Unnamed servant mind - Dead


Cryoa (3)

Everyone (if the Awakened are attacked or you are caught trespassing a second time)


Kill Ellhrar - Ellhrar resides here

Message for Ellhrar - The message is to be delivered here

How to access free travel

Automatic (just enter the town)

Special Items

Mind Nutrients - Can be fed to certain servant minds


Create Fyora

Cure Effects


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