Ellhrah is a character in Geneforge. He is the leader of the Awakened and resides in Ellhrah's keep. He, unlike most serviles, has no fear of Shapers. He instead insists to be treated as an equal.


He is the one the player must talk to if they want to join the Awakened.

Ellhrah is the claimed to be the founder of the awakened.

Ellhrah founded the awakened not long before the second Sucia island incident.

A servile of Sucia isle he helped found old Vakkiri, and New Vakkiri on the mainland. Ellhrah died in the mountains of Drypeak as he toiled to build New Vakkiri.


The Awakened - Official leader


Involved in quests

Kill Ellhrah - He is the target of assassination by the Takers of Kazg.

Message For Ellhrah - Leader Khobar asks to deliver a message to him.

Kill warp - Swan and Ellhrah's want Warp, a powerful Vlish to die. Ellhrah's gives a key to acess a discipline wand available to the player. The vlish lies deep in spiral borrows.

Destroy control four - As a test, to join the awakened, Ellhrah asks for the Shaper to destroy control four a source of rogues in the region.

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