"There is a tribe of rogue bandits to the north. They are strong fighters, and cunning. They raid us and take our food, and weapons and wealth. They do not kill, but they take our food. This, we do not need.

"End their raids. If you have to kill them all to do it, so much the better. I can't spare the casualties, but you have the powers of a Shaper. You should be able to destroy them with no difficulties." - Brodus Blade

"Eliminate the Bandits" is a mission in Geneforge

In-game description

Brodus Blade, head of the guards in Vakkiri, told you of some bandits north of town. She asked you to, one way or another, get them to stop raiding the town.


Brodus Blade gives this quest in Vakkiri.

The player character must travel north to the Bandit Woods and confront Ghurk, the leader of the bandits.

There are two options with completing this quest:

1) Simply kill Ghurk and crew (Violent Approach):

- Easier said than done for a low-level character. But it is possible, as much of his forces are inside the woods and unable to reach the fight for at least a few rounds of combat.

2) Ask Ghurk if he can reach a deal with the town (Diplomatic Approach):

- Ask him if there is any way he would stop attacking the town. He says that if he receives a bag of food a week, he will leave the town alone.

- Return to town and convince Brodus Blade to send supplies to the bandits in exchange for the bandits to leave the town alone.

- Optionally, return to the Bandit Woods and tell Ghurk a deal has been reached. The player can then go through the Bandit Woods freely.



Fiery Wand

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