Vital statistics
Title Blade
Gender Male
Race Servile
Faction Taker/Bandit
Status Former Taker Commander, Bandit Lord
Location Kazg/Warren of the Three

Eko Blade was military leader of the Takers of Kazg immediately before it was destroyed by the Shapers, and later one of the bandit lords known as The Three.


Eko Blade was a large Servile who was the military leader of the Takers of Kazg immediately before the Shapers purged Sucia Island. Very loyal to Gnorrel, he unquestioningly facilitated Trajkov's attacks on the rebel Sholai, sought to convince the young Shaper to ally with the Takers, and coordinated attacks on Pentil. His lieutenants included Amena, Rosen, Veel and Ezog.

He survived the purge of Sucia Island, but left the Takers after the death of Gnorrel, whereupon his position was filled by Amena Blade. Upon arriving on the mainland, he became one of The Three. Already an experienced campaigner, he was quite old by this time, but remained an extremely accomplished warrior.

History does not confirm his fate, but it is likely that he was killed either by Shanti's apprentice or by the forces of the Shaper Council after the illegal activities west of Drypeak were discovered.


In Geneforge, Eko Blade is found in Kazg. He sets two quests for the player - first, to kill the Rebel Sholai led by Masha, and secondly to relieve the Takers in the Thorny Woods by killing Demel. Accepting the first quest allows the player to pass Veel in East Kazg without a fight. If the Takers become hostile to the player at any point, Eko will become hostile as well.

In Geneforge 2, Eko Blade is a minor boss found in the Warren of the Three. He guards one of the keys necessary to reach High Vizzedra. Killing him is a quest in Triola.


Eko Blade is, in both games, just a particularly tough Servile. He does not have magical powers, although he may throw javelins.



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