East Field Bugs is a quest given by Commander Illyara in Perikalia.

Quest Text

Commander Illyara of Perikalia sometimes hires wandering adventurers for dangerous missions. She will pay you to travel to the fields east of the town and find Sergeant Roswald. Help him to hunt down some nearby bug infestations.


The quest is very simple. Approach Sergeant Roswald, who is in a camp just south of the entrance to Perikalia in Perikalia Farmland. He will take a circle route around the zone, regularly stamping and screaming to cause a wave of 3 - 6 bugs to appear. The final wave will be near the starting area and will feature a 289 hit point Scything Crawler that is easily defeated.

Once complete, you can hand in your quest by returning to Commander Illyara in Perikalia.



The bugs that are summoned will either slow or poison you or your creations. Be ready with Curing Pods and the Speed spell.

Appears In

Geneforge 5

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