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Vital statistics
Gender Female (?)
Race Human
Faction Shaper
Location Inner Crypt

Danette was an old Shaper who lived on Sucia Island. She is best known as the creator of the Geneforge.


Danette was the researcher on Sucia Island who created the Geneforge and invented the Canisters. Along with Defniel, she returned secretly to Sucia Island in her old age so that she could be buried there.


Danette's shade - a recording of herself, rather than her spirit - is present in the Holding Cells outside the Geneforge on Sucia Island, and will ask the player not to destroy the Geneforge. Danette's restless spirit can be found in the Inner Crypt. If it is defeated and Danette's tomb is searched, the player will come into possession of Danette's Girdle, which adds three points to all primary statistics.


Danette is one of the most powerfull beings in the Geneforge universe; her Shade is especially potent. Try to attack her when she heals the creations that surrounder her, or force her into melee, which will make her unable to cast searing orbs on you or your party.



She created Syros.

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