Fire creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Shapable
  • Attack creation
  • Swarmer creation
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 1
Shapable in-game? True
HP Level Low (20-300)
AP Level Low (1 action per turn)

A Cryoa is a variant of the standard Fyora. This creature is a Tier 1 Fire Creation, but requires three Fyora Shaping skill to be created.


Cryoas are large, lizard-like creations. They are usually blue-colored, resembling a dinosaur or monitor lizard. In Geneforge 1, 2, and 3, they had prominent cyan stripes along their back and tail. In Geneforge 4 the stripes were removed, and this has stayed the same in Geneforge 5. Also, their color was changed to a more dusty-blue color. As the item Perfect Fyora Scale implies that Fyoras are covered with scales, Cryoas are likely to have scales too. Their skin is also resistant to cold.

A Cryoa's main attack is a spit of ice. Cryoas also have sharp teeth to bite, in case they are cornered and need to defend themselves.

Cryoas in-Game

Cryoas are a commonly used beginning creature, due to its low requirements and cost. However, there are some cases where a Cryoa has been used to the end of the game.


Cryoas can be shaped at a Fire Shaping level of 2 and a Fyora Shaping level of 3. While many players that are not strong in Shaping skill do not increase their Fire Shaping skill, the Cryoa can be a very useful creation to take to the endgame. It is often more common to see long-living Cryoas on players with medium Shaping skill, as the Creation-dependent classes take upon other creations later on, such as Cryodrayks.


Cryoas are nearly at-par in frailty as the Vlish in terms of taking physical damage, however also not resistant to Magic Damage as much as the Vlish itself. It is best to keep these creations in the back of a Shaper party when in combat, but can serve as a meatshield creation in the absence of Thahds or Clawbugs. Against other Cryoas, due to their relative Cold Resistance, they stand a great chance at surviving a Cryoas attack, but do not do too much good damage to them.

The attacking aspects of a Cryoa are just as simple; the main attack of a Cryoa is a ranged attack that deals cold damage. Fire and Cold damage alike are two types of damages not resisted by many creations in the heavy sense, so a Cryoa in the beginning game can easily 1-hit kill many Artilas and Thahds, possibly up to Vlish if leveled up quickly. In the middle-game, resistance to cold starts to emerge, although not enough to seriously hamper a leveled-up Cryoa. The energy requirements of the cold attack is not too large but enough to the point where a Cryoa could run out of energy.



  • The graphics for Fyoras and Cryoas changed in the transition from Geneforge 3 to 4, while Thahds were updated in Geneforge 3.