Creations refers to any being that is Shaped or is the progeny of a shaped creature. Creations can range from the unintelligent (mines, living tools, and ornks) to the strong-willed, intelligent, and powerful Drakons.

Creations are created for many purposes. The most common is physical labor, but creations can be found in all levels of Shaper society, providing tool-work, construction, advice, research assistance, and, of course, defense.


With only one exception, creations cannot shape themselves or other creatures. Drakons are the only creations capable of altering both themselves and other creations. The vast majority of creations are also unable to cast magical spells, though it is possible for serviles to "beat" magic into themselves (see servile cults). Defense creations are an exception, such as Fyoras, Artilas, Kyshakks, Drayks, etc, all of whom can cast common spells like firebolt or Burning Spray.

List of Common Creations


Despite the player character's feelings or the faction they belong to, both factions use creations to further their goals. Some creations are kept under tight control by both sides and others are let free to roam the countryside, interfering with the enemies of whichever faction released them (see Rogue).

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