Crag valley

Crag valley is a place on Sucia isle.


Destroy Crag valley's spawner


Crag valley is a place on Sucia isle located between the Hills of Jars, Spiral Burrows and Watchhill. It is set at the foot of one of the mountains of Sucia isle.


Crags is located at crossroads to many diffrents areas, for serviles and before that, the Shapers. There Shapers created three underground complexes. Crags has an above ground installation a ruined shaping hall and is overrun with vegetation.

Crags has an old shaping hall, used by Shapers to create the sterile martial creations that would be used for labour or in Watchill, the main Shaper barracks of Sucia isle.

The shaper hall was also used as a place for the shapers for their agricultural procedures. There are agricultural tools in the locked rooms of the Shaper hall. The shaper hall had three essence pools, two of them having dried up. Crag valley served in it's day as an important alley way: with the hills of jars located west of the area, itself near Pentil's plains, possibly Sucia's isle bread, fruit and vegetable basket when the Shapers still ruled the island. The shapers may have shaped plants and grow animals here.

When the Shaper left Crag valley the shaper hall became a ruin overrun by vegetation, namely pines. The main road to the hills of jars, where the Shapers locked and distributed supplies, became a place of outmost importance of trade and passage for the abandoned, starving and hunted serviles.






War Blessing

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