The Clockwork Maze is an area in Geneforge 2 that requires the player to be well conversed in Leadership and Mechanics. Preferably Leadership will be at 10, both the Shining Shield and Infiltrator's Cloakcan make this goal more attainable, and Mechanics will be around 9 to save on Living Tools.

The Golems that roam this level are tough to beat at this point in the game and can be disabled (Mechanics) or persuaded (Leadership) to not attack the player. Doing both can net decent experience and there is always the option to come back later in the game to destroy them if that is what the player desires. There are a fair number of iron bars in this area leading to the character quickly becoming bogged down. As long as the character follows the Mechanics or Leadership route there is only one enemy in the area and there is ample warning before the fight so the player can unencumber themselves before enjoining their foe. If the player turns on the golems as they go the golems will aid the player in defeating the Drakon Golem. 

To the West of this level is a puresteel ring and a piece of orange shaper machinery filled with emeralds. To the North is a gray machine with Living Tools. In the Northeast is the Drakon Golem, if the player uses a Living Tool on him when prompted they are rewarded with much more experience points than if they had simply destroyed it. Either way he drops an Infiltrator Charm which adds +1 to both Leadership and Mechanics.

Inside the Shaper's Chambers is a jar of Demon Bile and a Rogue Drayk Tendon (an ingredient for Sharon's quest).

In the West room is the Shaper who made the Clockwork Maze, a book that teaches a point of Mechanics and some Tinker's Gloves that add +2 to Mechanics.

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