One of many of Geneforge's characters.

Sucia isle is inhabited by many people, usually creations. Here is a list of them with the area in which they are contained.

Demo area:

1.Abandoned Vale: Timo

2.Vakkiri: Leader Khobar, Brodus Blade , Sencia , Inerny, Learned Pinner , Clakkit , Dreet , Strout , Lietz , Nabb , Ham , Coale, guards, farmers.

3.Bandit wood: Ghurk.

4.Watchill: Seerula, guards.

5.Ruined school: Rawbone, Povralus.

6.Ellhrah's keep: Swan, Ting, Ellhrah, merchants, guards.

7.Crag valley: Forney, Dern.

8.Spiral Borrow: Warp, Control four.

9.Hills of Jars: Pak.

10.Thorny Fen:


11.Pentil Woods:


12.Pentil: Rydell, Natley, </p>

13.Pentil Plains: Chest, warrior serviles, artilas, thahds. </p>

14. Pentil East:

15.Thorny Wood: Demel,

Full game includes:

16.Southbridge: Sholai scouts.

17.The Junkyard: ,

18. Northbridge: Sholai scouts

22.Buried Cells: Buron

23.Quiet Marshes: Clois

25.Servile Outpost:

26.Kazg Ruins:

27.Kazg Plains


29.Servile Warren

30.Tribal Woods

31.Eastern Kazg

32.Refugee Cave: Masha,

33.Dock Ruins:

35.Wooded Valley: Astrov, Anya, Sniff, Treplev, Sholai warriors and scouts.

36.Holding Two:

37.Icy Tunnels: Avdotya, Sholai warriors, Sholai scouts, Specters, Spectral sages, Spectral Preist.

38.Underground River:

39.Eastern Mines

40.Mine Core

41.Western Mines42.North Mines:

43.The Arena: Prav, charge artilas, charged fyoras, thahds, ghlaaks.

44.Patrolled Dell:

45.Winding Road:

46.South Workshop

47.Guarded Bridge:

48.Sealed Lab: Zavor

49.Peaceful Vale: Syros, Learned Darian, serviles (x3)

50.Patrol Bridge.


52.West Workshop: Trajkov's shade, Sholai raiders, Sholai magi.

53.Crossroads: Gavrlia,

54.Freeplace: Eli, Aitch, battle alphas, Zygan.

55.Power Station:

58.Kantre's Realm: Kantre,

60.The Front Gate:

61.Central Labs:

62.The Vats:


64.Holding Cells:

65.The Geneforge: Trajkov

69.Spirit City: Priest shade, Ghost witch. Battle Betas, Terror vlish

71.Drayk's Vale:

73.The Sentinels: Heustess, Ornk lord, First guardian, Second guardian, Third guardian.

74.The Great Temple: Goettsch, Battle Beta Greeter, Battle Battle Greeter.

75.Shaper Crypt:

76.Inner Crypt: Danette.

77.Guarded Docks [endgame]: Strout, Vandrik, Augmented Sholai, Sholai warriors, Sholai magi, Terror Vlish.

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