Bounty: Shrouded Rogues is a quest given by a signpost near Captain Valenta's office in Minallah. In involves killing three powerful rogues in the zone Foundry Promenade.

Quest Text

There is currently a bounty to slay three recently escaped rogues. They are hiding in the Promenade, which is to the east of Minallah. They can be recognized by the shroud of energy that surrounds and protects them.

Should you kill them, you can collect your bounty from Captain Valenta.


Make your way to the Foundry Promenade by leaving Minallah through the east exit. Once in the Promenade, make your way along the south path, heading east, to the very edge of the map to find the first rogue, the Shrouded Worm. The Shrouded Worm is hanging out against the wall. He has two attacks: an area-of-effect flame spell and a bite, but neither is particularly painful to endure.

The second rogue is found on the opposite side of the map. Return to the start and follow the path north instead. You can turn on the pacification pylons if you wish by following their power lines to the appropriate power spiral or you can fight the rogues. Either way, make your way to the northwest corner of the map to fight the Shrouded Thahd. Before you do, though, duck into the room to the west just before his to pick the lock to a lever. This lever opens the door to the final rogue, the Shrouded Fyora.

The Shrouded Thahd attacks with a powerful (for the level) melee attack but doesn't appear to have any other abilities and is easily dispatched. Be sure to loot the nest behind him as it contains a Student's Belt!

Return out and come around to the now open door just slightly southeast of the Shrouded Thahd's room to fight the final rogue, the Shrouded Fyora. This fight is the hardest and it will be important to control the rogues around him with Daze while you deal with him yourself. Like the Shrouded Worm, he will regularly cast an area-of-effect fire attack that will hit for a weak 10 points of damage, at most. Kill him and loot your Blessed Bauble.

Once he's dead, you can return to Captain Valenta in Minallah for your reward.



Appears In

Geneforge 5

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