Battle Gamma
Battle creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Shapable
  • Strong front-line attack creation
  • Bodyguard
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 1
Shapable in-game ? False
HP Level
AP Level Low (1 action per turn)

Battle Gammas are the last kin to the original Battle Alphas.

Physical characteristics

Battle Gammas are tall brutish humanoids. They are even stronger and more resistant than the Battle Beta, which are stronger and more resistant than the Battle Alpha. They also have a natural tendency to not be weak to magic creations as their cousins are.

In terms of height they are roughly the same size as Battle Betas albeit they are thicker. Unlike Alphas which are generally a reddish hue, Gammas share the same bluish hue spectrum as their Beta cousins with an addition to glowing skin. Gammas are likely hermaphrodites and so only have the one gender, making reproduction for the creatures fairly easy.

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