Battle Alphas are humanoid creations that are generally used by Shaper forces as shock troopers. They are tall, red humanoids, known for their great strength, high resistance to physical damage and their slight weakness against magic attacks.

They are described as being not intelligent due to having small brains and capable of crude speech. However, battle alphas have been both known to create tribes (Geneforge 5, Southwest Okavano) & Geneforge 1, Freeplace) and build fortifications with trenches, doors and even build wooden floors, when left to their own devices (Geneforge 1, Freeplace).

Battle alphas are described as undistinguishable from one sex to the other (Geneforge 1, Freeplace) and are one of the few creations to wear clothes. Their model changes in the 4th and 5th game.

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