The Ashen Isles was a chain of islands that played a critical role in the early stages of the great rebellion. It is the setting of Geneforge 3.


The chain is made up of 5 islands each bearing special properties. Greenwood Isle, at the bottom of the chain is a forested island that has few settlements. The next one, Harmony Isle, only has one settlement, San Ru ruled by a shaper. The middle and biggest island is Dhonal Island which also houses the capital ruled by Lord Rahul. The one above it is Gull Island, it was used by Shapers to experiment with creations and now is mostly a ruin except for a tower inhabited by Khyryk. The smallest and most hostile island is the Isle of Spears. It is always snowy with blizzard conditions making it almost impossible to support any settlements or life.

Birth of the Rebellion

When an unnamed Shaper was training at the Shaper academy on Greenwood Island, the building was attacked and Shaper set out to find the source of the attack and put an end to it. Greenwood was being swarmed by rogues created and controlled by a "creator" at the northern tip of the island. On Harmony Island it is revealed that some humans have turned against the Shaper empire and have started their own faction and they tell the unknown shaper of more like them. When the Shaper arrives on Dhonal Isle, half the island was overwhelmed by rogues but was held to a standstill by Lord Rahul. Gull Island was mostly uninhabited by rebels except for Master Hoge, who orchestrated the attack on the academy. The Island of Spears was the Rebellion's headquarters which was ruled by Drakons and their leader, Akhari Blaze who was able to create a Geneforge.


It is currently unknown where the Ashen Isles are relative to the mainland Terrestia.

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