Armor is any clothing wearable by the player character.

Chest plates

"This is a piece of chest armor. It provides solid protection from enemy blows, but it may slow you down." - In-game description

Chainmail Vests

Armor +12

Stun Resistance +20%

Attack Skills -1

Chainmail Vests weigh 12.5 lbs.

Chitin Armors

Armor +7

Stun Resistance +10%

Chitin Armors weigh 10.0 lbs.


Armor +1

Tunics weigh 2.0 lbs.


"This is a sturdy pair of boots. They are worn over your feet and provide a little protection from enemy blows." - In-game description


Armor +1

Sandals weigh 1.0 lbs.


Armor +3

Boots weigh 3.0 lbs.


"This is a ring. It is worn on one of your fingers and might provide magical assistance. You can only use one magical ring at a time." - In-game description

All rings are 0.1 lbs.

Silver Rings

- No effects


"This is a shield. It is wielded in your left hand and provides good protection from enemy blows." - In-game description

Wooden Shields

Armor +5

Wooded Shields weigh 8.0 lbs.

Iron Shields

Armor +10

Iron Shields weigh 12.0 lbs.


"This is a belt or girdle. Shapers often enchant items like this. It can also provide a small amount of protection." - In-game description

All belts weigh 3.0 lbs.

(Generic) Belts

Armor +2

Studded Belts

Armor +4

Student's Belt

Armor +2

Intelligence +1

Damage in Combat +1

Location: Dropped by Rawbone in the Ruined School.

Worn over armor

"This is a cloak or robe. It is worn over your armor and provides extra protection from enemy blows.

"This is a garment which can be worn over a suit of armor or breastplate. Shapers are generally fond of heavy robes and dramatic cloaks." - In-game description


Armor +1

Cloaks weigh 2.0 lbs.


Armor +3

Robes weigh 5.0 lbs.

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