An area in the Geneforge series is marked by specific exits/entrances. Leaving an area will cause a loading screen.

Areas in Geneforge

In geneforge 1 there are 77 areas. Only 17 areas are accessible in the demo.


[start] 1. Crumbling Docks

2. Abandoned Vale

3. Vakkiri

4. Bandit Woods

5. Watchhill

6. Ruined School

7. Ellhrah's Keep

8. Crag Valley

9. Spiral Burrow

10. Thorny Fen

11. Pentil Woods

12. Hills of Jars

13. Pentil

14. Pentil Plains

15. Pentil East

16. Thorny Wood

17. The Tombs

Full game includes:

18. Southbridge

19. Stone Circle

20. The Junkyard

21. Northbridge

22. Buried Cells

23. Quiet Marshes

24. Crystal Burrow

25. Servile Outpost

26. Kazg Ruins

27. Kazg Plains

28. Kazg

29. Servile Warren

30. Tribal Woods

31. Eastern Kazg

32. Refugee Cave

33. Dock Ruins

34. Eastern Docks

35. Wooded Valley

36. Holding Two

37. Icy Tunnels

38. Underground River

39. Eastern Mines

40. Mine Core

41. Western Mines

42. North Mines

43. The Arena

44. Patrolled Dell

45. Winding Road

46. South Workshop

47. Guarded Bridge

48. Sealed Lab

49. Peaceful Vale

50. Patrol Bridge

51. Icewalls

52. West Workshop

53. Crossroads

54. Freeplace

55. Power Station

56. Power Core

57. The Hill

58. Kantre's Realm

59. The West Gate

60. The Front Gate

61. Central Labs

62. The Vats

63. Quarters

64. Holding Cells

65. The Geneforge

66. Dry Wastes

67. Western Wastes

68. Valley of the Winds

69. Spirit City

70. Ancient Crypt

71. Drayk's Vale

72. Diarazad

73. The Sentinels

74. The Great Temple

75. Shaper Crypt

76. Inner Crypt

77. Guarded Docks [endgame]

Areas in Geneforge 2

Areas in Geneforge 3

Areas in Geneforge 4

Areas in Geneforge 5

In Geneforge 5 there are 85 areas in total, 10 of which are accessible in the demo version. Areas marked with a D are available in the Demo version.

Northwest Terrestria Areas

Below Nodye Pass

Foundry Core D

Foundry Core East D

Foundry Core West D

Foundry Promenade D

Foundry Repository D



Helft Ruins

Infested Crossroad

Isenwood's Spire D



Kratoa Stoneworks

Lerman's Pass


Mera Fields

Minallah D


Nodye Pass

North Citadel Pass

North Mera Road

Northeast Fen

Northwest Fen

Okavano Barrier

Pacification Fields D


South Mera Road

Southwest Okavano

Testing Halls D

Western Okavano

West Shadow Road

Whitespires Pass D

Southwest Terrestria Areas

Abandoned Farms

Fort Defiance

Fort Rockfall

Fort Vengeance


Hatra Ruins


Kratoa Stoneworks

Lerman's Pass

Mountain Crossroad

North Storm Plains

Northwest Wasteland

Outside Gazaki-Uss


Perikalia Farmland

Perikalia Orchards

Podling Crossroads

Remote Woods

Southwest Wasteland



Western Passes

Western Wasteland

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