There are a lot of Kyshakk roaming the orchards. Be ready with healing spells to counteract their damage over time abilities.


You will need to be ready to shield or heal up from Kyshakk explosions.

You need at least Mechanics level 6 to bypass the spore machines in the ruins to the north. Here is a brief outline of how to get through the maze:

  1. Enter the door and hug the north wall, coming to the first spore box near the northeast corner. You need Mechanics 6 to use it.
  2. Return to the door, carefully hugging the north wall; this spore box does not affect any of the wards in the room
  3. Walk down the southwest wall to the open door at the very lowest southwest corner of the room
  4. Very carefully hug the walls as you move around, making sure you're against the southern walls. You'll notice that the 3rd ward in the room is now deactivated. Make your way along the south wall (you should be nearly hidden by the wall to avoid being killed) and cross through the room by the deactivated ward.
  5. Open the door directly north of the deactivated ward
  6. Use the spore box directly north of the door
  7. You will notice one of the wards to the northeast of you is now deactivated. Return to the first room by following your path back through the previous room.
  8. Follow your original path around to the first sporebox, but this time walk past it and open the door. You're done! You can follow the room through to the next to meet Sage Olipha and collect the Canister of Acid Shower near the door.

Notable People

Unique Conversations


Notable Loot

Passage Requirements

You need to kill about 10 Kyshakk to clear the area.

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